Hello all,

Welcome to my blog! I want to start by saying thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I started this blog in July 2017 and wrote an initial welcome post which was very much just rambling, and I had no clear direction for my future posts nor the purpose of my blog. I just knew it was something I wanted/needed to do. Fast forward three months I have mulled it over, done some brainstorming, began journalling, and as a result I have cleared some of the clutter in my mind to enable my ability to think a little clearer. I find it really difficult to talk things out, I struggle to fully open up and express myself verbally, so writing is much easier for me.

This blog is centred around my current journey, wherein I am becoming more self aware, healing from within, learning to show myself unconditional love, and manifesting my wildest dreams.

If you are anything like me, you may think now that this sounds like a load of rubbish. You may be sceptical, you may laugh, or you may not understand.

Believe me, I thought exactly the same. For anyone who doesn’t personally know me…I can be very matter-of-factly, and lack faith and confidence in myself. So even though I have always been a dreamer – I dream of things I always felt were very much out of my reach, and I never explored the possibility of being able to achieve them.

But in May this year, I decided to buy a book…just a book. I had seen pictures of it floating around social media, and the caption really resonated with me so I figured I would give it a try. I genuinely didn’t believe that it would change my life the way that it has. I thought it would just become another “thing” I tried which didn’t work!

On reflection, I realise that my entire life has led me to this point, however this book was the start of a journey which allowed me to reflect enough to realise that.

Love Loz x


On my wedding day 16.04.2017




Self Love Summit 2018

I have been away for a while. As usual I tried to put too much pressure on myself with my blogging venture when I started out towards the end of last year, and as usual I crashed and burned…will I ever learn?!

This week has been one for reflection – following attending an event which I will go on to talk about shortly – and I have come to realise that I wasn’t being completely true to myself with the posts I was writing. I re-read my “welcome” post and there I wrote:

“This blog is centred around my current journey, wherein I am becoming more self aware, healing from within, learning to show myself unconditional love, and manifesting my wildest dreams.”

And not a single one of my posts that followed were about any of that. Once again I was trying to fit into a mould, to fit into the blogging world and create posts similar to what everyone else was posting about. I think I was still holding on to that fear of what readers would think about what I have to say, especially considering I went public with the fact that I was blogging, and so it wasn’t always going to be total strangers reading, but also friends and family who I see regularly. And I found myself posting about things that didn’t truly interest me, and I wasn’t writing freely and flowingly (is that a word?) which is how I love to write.

So I hereby promise to all of you who are reading, and to myself, that from now on I will be true to myself in my writing and my posts.

NOW, on to the subject matter at hand – The Self Love Summit!

So I have struggled all week to clearly put in to words just how incredible this event was. So I’m just going to tell you all what the day consisted of, and let you imagine how amazing it was for yourselves.

This was the very first event of its kind, hosted by the absolute QUEEN Melissa Wells (Mel Wells) – bestselling author of ‘The Goddess Revolution’, and most recently ‘Hungry for More’. You can probably tell by the titles of her books just what sort of stuff she is about! She refers to us as goddesses – therefore I will be doing the same…because you my darling are a GODDESS and you deserve to feel like one every damn day!!

400 goddesses gathered in the venue in Canary Wharf in London for an entire day dedicated to loving ourselves just as we are – I’m sorry but is there any better way to spend a Saturday?!

The event began with Mel herself, and also the sassiest of women ever to walk this earth, Zoe McNulty of ‘School of Strut’ completely owning the stage with a strutology routine to “Woman” by Kesha. This totally set the tone for the day and put us all in a sassy mood. It created the atmosphere of fun, positivity, love (so much love!) and sass that was to be built upon over the course of the day.

Mel was the first person to speak. For anybody who doesn’t know, Mel is a certified health coach, eating psychology coach, international speaker and bestselling author of her two books. She is dedicated to helping women ditch dieting for good, make peace with food and love their bodies. She gets you thinking about your relationship with food, and how it mirrors the relationship you have with yourself, and even how these relationships are impacted by elements of fulfilment in your life i.e. career, environment, friendships & other relationships, creativity, spirituality. I have learnt SO much about myself since starting my work with Mel almost a year ago. So she started by asking us to think of three things we love about ourselves, and at regular intervals during the day we were prompted by her asking “Do you love yourself?” which was our cue to get up and shake our booty to the chorus of “Love Yourself” by Hailee Steinfeld, followed by us proclaiming the three things we love about ourselves, example: “I am Lauren, I am strong, I am passionate, I am kind”. Mel also recited a quote by Marianne Williamson which, in my opinion, is the quote to live by:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually who are you not to be? You are a child of god. Your playing small does not serve the world.”

The next speaker to follow was Shannon Kaiser – author of “The Self Love Experiment”, “Adventures for your Soul”, and “Find your Happy”. I have to admit I didn’t really know much about Shannon as a person prior to this event, nor had I read any of her books, but WOW! I can’t believe how much her story resonated with me on such a deep level. She went through her five principles to turn self-doubt into self-love:

  1. You get what you focus on
  2. All problems are pathways
  3. We learn the way, on the way
  4. The more you, you show, the more your life will flow
  5. Self love is not about how you look, it’s about how you live

It’s safe to say I have further expanded my self love library and have bought her book “The Self Love Experiment” to read!!

Next, Mel asked us to make a list of as many things we could think of that we love about ourselves – we did a lot of listing throughout the day, and the further we got into the day, the bigger the lists got!

The third speaker was the beautiful Rebecca Campbell – author of “Light is the new Black” and “Rise Sister Rise”. Rebecca was a breath of fresh air that cut through the white noise that is life. She spoke about our life’s paths and how the path is spiral, not linear, and that there is no end destination to get to. She took time to remind us to breathe regularly, as too often we hold our breath. She helped us to feel the energy in the room, and to also project our own energy. And she finished by leading us in a beautiful chant of “Heaven, Heart, Earth, Heart” which we did to the track “Warrior” by Aurora, which encouraged us to re-connect with heaven and earth. I’m almost certain that it was that chanting that created the bond in that room which will forever be unbreakable.


(Bry Penney Photography)

The next speaker was the lovely Suzy Ashworth – Author of “The Calm Birth Method”. Suzy is a mindset and business coach primarily, but she’s also the founder of “The Calm Birth School” which is a video based hypnobirthing program, so this woman is literally like my spirit animal because this is something like one of the dreams I am manifesting for myself – notice how I said “one of the”, because another thing this wonderful woman has taught me is that we can have multiple dreams, multiple passions, and we can achieve them all!!! Suzy is somebody I 100% want to work with in the future when it comes to building my business. Anyway, back to her talk, this is the first time I’ve seen her speak and she had me in stitches!!! Although she is talking about serious shit, she definitely has the comedy thing going for her! Suzy talked about a metaphorical tunnel of self-loathing presenting itself in her life and how she manages to pull herself out of it by stopping, and breathing, and remembering her miracle formula “Faith + Action = Miracles”. And this is essentially what I took away from her talk, because I too have a metaphorical deep dark tunnel of self-loathing and I could definitely do with more of the stopping and breathing.

After this, Mel had us listing everything in our lives that we are thankful for. It’s so good to practice gratitude on a daily basis! Which leads me on to the last speaker before we broke for lunch…
Julie Montagu – author of “Recharge”. Julie highlighted to us just how important it is to carve out at least 10 minutes each day for some self care i.e. breathing, meditation, journaling, or anything else which gives you head space! She says “self care is the foundation to build your life upon”, she strongly feels that without regular self care we will burn out trying to cope with the demands of everyday life. And I have to say, I agree! How many times do we have to crash and burn before we realise that we need to take care of ourselves?! It’s not selfish, it’s not greedy, it’s necessary. Julie also talked about creating your dream life and put it into perspective with this one statistic…

“You have a 1 in 4 million chance of being born”

You were born for a reason! Don’t waste your life – do what you love, even if that means a change!

After lunch, we came back and the SASS QUEEN, Zoe McNulty was back. This time, she was teaching US a routine!! We did a routine to “Ain’t your Mama” by JLo. This was definitely one of my favourite parts of the day – Zoe is a self love activist and is passionate about giving women the confidence to feel sexy at any shape or size. And boy did she deliver!! We felt like badass sexy, sassy goddesses and like we were fucking unstoppable (which we are!) I’ve even booked to go to Zoe’s “Strut Summit” in October because I need more of that in my life for sure!!

Next, Mel had us thinking about what we loved to do as a child and why we stopped doing what we loved. She also had us make a list of 10 things that we would love to do with our lives if there were no restrictions at all – because newsflash, it’s all possible! And I realised that there is SO MUCH that I want to do with my life. I already knew this, but writing it down on paper just confirms it. We shared our lists with each other and I even saw “Midwife” on somebody’s list (which, if you don’t know, is my actual job) and I want to tell whoever that was that it is freakin’ possible!!!

Next up was the gorgeous Persia Lawson – author of “The Inner Fix”. Persia is a love and dating expert and coach, and just a gorgeous human being inside and out – I had the pleasure of getting to know her a bit better later on in the evening as I had upgraded to a VIP ticket to the event which allowed me into a private Q+A with all of the speakers and then a private meal and drinks at a swanky London restaurant with Mel, Persia and Zoe. Persia’s mantra “Surrender to the festival and let her take you wherever she wants to take you” touched a lot of us at the summit, she uses “festival” but this also means “life” – I take this to mean that everything will be okay, whatever happens, but let it happen! Persia also talked about music and how it impacts on life and the world we live in. This resonated with me as I have always felt that I connect with music, or music connects with me. Another quote that she spoke of is:

“Don’t die with your music still in you” – Dr Wayne Dyer

The last speaker of the day was the one and only Megan Crabbe, also known as @bodyposipanda on IG – body positive activist, feminist, and owner of the coolest hair in the world!! She’s also the author of “Body Positive Power”. Megan spoke about the history of diet culture and the damaging effects that the media can have on young impressionable people in terms of developing eating disorders and the warped idea that our bodies aren’t worthy of love. She also talks about “Health at every size” and that physical health is just ONE of the EIGHT (I think!) aspects of health there are. This girl knows her shit!!

Lastly, Mel finalised the event by talking about the creativity in our lives and why the hell are we not doing it!! What is holding us back? She had us thinking about what the next level in our lives looks like and what are the negative implications of getting there (because this is often the fear which holds us back) And then she asked us to make a list of all the things that we choose to believe…this was the easiest list of all I’m sure because this event had me feeling well and truly inspired. I left feeling like I was capable of anything, and that I was ready to take on and conquer the world! I had hugged many many goddesses, cried, laughed, danced, sang, journalled, and had many a lightbulb moment!!

It was an absolute pleasure to meet these women for the private Q+A and then go for a goddess-y meal, drinks and mingle in the evening. I totally fan-girled over Mel – I’ve been following her for a year, I’ve read her books and I’m in her Academy (her online program), and she is just the most beautiful kind-hearted woman ever – in fact they all are!! I made friends for life at this event – I am actually not very good at all at making new friends, but these women were just the easiest women to make friends with – because there was absolutely no judgement, no expectation to conform or fit a mould, we loved on each other for being exactly who we are…and that is such a beautiful thing!!

The Summit was such a success, that only 2 days later Mel announced a date for the Self Love Summit 2019…and I have already bought my ticket!!

Blogmas #1: The perfect hot chocolate

The first of December.

It’s a magical day in my household! It’s the day that we embrace all things Christmas.

Whilst I start to get excited for the festive season from September (cough June cough), not everybody in my family feels the same way! So Christmas builds and bubbles inside of me for months and then on the first of December I throw Christmas up all over the place!!

Tis the season of Christmas movies and music, cosy evenings, blankets, candles, hot chocolate, slow cookers and tinsel!

On the 1st December we decorate!! And whilst we decorate we drink the best hot chocolate in all the land. This hot chocolate recipe is brewed in the slow cooker and is thick, creamy and decadent. I only make it once a year…on 1st December!



6 cups of milk

2 cups of double cream

1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

1/2 cup granulated sugar

226g semi sweet chocolate, coarsely chopped

2 teaspoons vanilla extract


Add all ingredients to the slow cooker and whisk well.

Cook on high for 3 hours or on low for 5 hours.

Whisk every 45 minutes so that the chocolate doesn’t burn on the bottom.

Easy peasy. So if you love hot chocolate then give it a go! You could even make a white hot chocolate using white hot chocolate powder and white chocolate instead!


Love, Loz x

Costa Festive Drinks Review

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a hugeee coffee fanatic! More specifically I’m a “proper coffee” fanatic. Instant will take the edge off first thing in the morning but nothing beats a proper barista made coffee!!

So when the festive drinks were released at Costa I made it my mission for this year to be the first year I try them all before making a decision about which is my favourite.

This post is not sponsored by Costa Coffee, I just love their coffee!


Gingerbread Cream Latte

The traditional Christmas coffee flavour! This latte now comes as standard with whipped cream (unless you request without it of course), sprinkled with a speculoos crumb topping and not forgetting Charlie the mini gingerbread man. This coffee is gorgeous! The gingerbread flavour comes through nicely and for me just tastes like Christmas in a cup!!



Billionaire’s Latte/ Billionaire’s Hot Chocolate

The billionaire’s flavour is delicious, the syrup itself is quite a thick consistency so it’s well flavoured, however this also means you need to give it a good stir as otherwise it does just stick to the bottom of the cup.  The drinks are topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with crumbed shortbread, which is lovely if you catch it quickly enough, however if it melts then you end up with crumbed shortbread at the bottom of your drink. If you’re anything like me where your worst nightmare is biscuits breaking off in your cup of tea then you will not like it when you get to the bottom of your billionaire’s latte! You can also buy this in a Frostino, but it’s too cold for that!Costa_Black-Forest-drinks

Black Forest Hot Chocolate

Oosh! I cannot believe I had never tried this flavour before…it is A-MA-ZING! If you like black forest gateau then you will LOVE this drink!! It tastes like cake in a cup!! It is flavoured with a sweet cherry syrup (perfect ratio of hot chocolate to syrup) and topped with whipped cream, chocolate swirls and sweet cherry drizzle! You can buy this in a Frostino as well!

honeycomb-latte-1575Honeycomb Latte

I was unfortunately quite disappointed with this flavour. I could not taste the honeycomb at all. The drink is topped with whipped cream and chocolate covered honeycomb pieces (which were tasty!) . I am however, glad to say that this is the only flavour I was disappointed with!


Salted Caramel Cappuccino

I love a good cappuccino!! This flavour was so tasty, the flavour came through really nicely, but it also wasn’t too sweet! This drink is only topped with cappuccino chocolate, which is fine as I feel anything else would have compromised the actual coffee itself. Definitely liked this one, and it was nice to have a cappuccino on the festive menu for a change!!

vo94e3vviroopvmtduhhHot Spiced Apple Winter Warmer

I liked this drink way more than I thought I would!! It was so tasty! A hot apple drink spiced with a cinnamon stick! I bought a medium, but could have just done with a small size to be honest. It was tasty but a medium was a little too much.


Mint Hot Chocolate

This is a firm favourite hot chocolate flavour in general! The mint flavour came through really well but personally I would have preferred slightly more mint than chocolate. This is topped with whipped cream and minty candy pieces!

lindt-hot-chocolate-1200Lindt Hot Chocolate

I’ve not tried this one before as I completely resent paying a normal coffee price for a cortado sized hot chocolate, but I had mentally committed to this review so I made an exception! This one is not topped with anything, it was very tasty, very chocolatey, BUT I wouldn’t order it again! It didn’t taste specifically of Lindt chocolate, it was just a very chocolatey hot chocolate. And it only comes in the one tiny size!


Overall I am impressed with this year’s festive drinks menu! However, I do feel there is room for improvement in that their coffee flavours (apart from gingerbread) are quite similar – billionaire’s, salted caramel and honeycomb! My top favourite this year has to be the Black Forest Hot Chocolate – it’s unique to Costa, its super tasty and it’s festive!

Have you tried any of the festive drinks? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments…


Love Loz x


All photos have come from Costa Coffee website, I do not own any rights.

12 Self Care Ideas

Life is full of stressful situations! One day you can be happy, elated and over the moon – you had a good day, got all your jobs done, feel on track and in control of everything, can’t stop smiling, you’re winning at life!! And the next day you can be the most miserable grump ever – stressing, quiet, frustrated, feeling completely down about everything, can’t even force a smile! This is just life.

Self care has become so important to me, I need to make time for myself on a regular basis. I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a midwife, and mum to my puppy. But I also need to remember that first and foremost I am me…and without taking care of myself I am useless to everybody else in my life!

So in the past few months I have tried every day to take a moment to engage with myself, to listen to my body and figure out what I need. I make sure that I rest or regroup with myself when I feel like I need to. Sometimes the housework just has to wait another day!

I would encourage all of you to make some time for self care on a regular basis if you don’t already, it really does just give you some R&R from life and allows you to recharge your batteries. Women are superheroes, we can keep going because we have to…as long as everybody else is taken care of, we can get by. But why should we? We are important too! And we need to start believing that.

I have put together 12 self care ideas that I find particularly helpful, however, it really is personal preference. What may work for one person isn’t guaranteed to work for another person, and it just depends what you find relaxing.

  1. Home pamper day/evening

This is my main go to if I need a MAJOR self care session, normally when I want to feel better about myself. It primarily consists of a hot bubble bath and hair wash with all of my favourite products. I will also treat myself to a face mask (normally a Lush product), shave, pluck and moisturise generously, and give myself a home style mani/pedi. After this session I feel totally cleansed and rejuvenated, guaranteed to make me feel like a new woman!

2. Self date

I love a little self date every now and again, when I just want a little time to myself to organise my thoughts. Ideas for a self date can include: coffee, lunch/brunch, cinema, long walk or even dinner. I can’t say I’ve braved a dinner self date as of yet, but perhaps one day with a bit more confidence. I find that I feel very calm and engaged with myself following a self date.

3. Yoga

We all know that exercise is great for the mind. It releases endorphins and suppresses the stress hormone, cortisol. I’ve recently found enjoyment in yoga as my exercise of choice. It’s a great choice for people with anxiety as it focuses heavily on breathing and feeling centred. As with a self date, I find that I feel very calm and engaged with myself following yoga. I sleep amazingly well and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for anything!

4. Meditation

This could almost be grouped together with yoga. Meditation can be difficult for a beginner. When I first started I found that I struggled to sit still, and to completely let go and embrace the meditation. But over time, this has become easier. Meditation is about being present in the moment and being more mindful, and I find I have more productive days if I don’t skip my meditation, as I feel motivated to make use of my time and live my life. The meditation app I use is “Headspace” and I highly rate it, especially for beginners.

5. Read a book

Sometimes I find myself restless if I choose to read a book when I know that I have other things I need to do, so I may choose to use one of my other ideas for self care if I have a lot on my mind. But I mainly use this one if I just need a break from my usual entertainment – TV/computer/phone screens. It’s a double whammy really because it gives you a break from technology, but it also gives you a break from noise.

6. Movie night

Movie nights are extremely fun, especially at this time of year!! I go all out and get popcorn and hot chocolate, get into my comfies, light candles etc. It’s super relaxing and feels like a proper date. One of my favourite self care ideas if I have the time to dedicate to it.

7. De-clutter

De-cluttering is an actual need of mine. I cannot relax if I feel cluttered in my life – this could be my physical surroundings and/or my mind. If I need to, I will dedicate some time to tidying the space around me, or if I’ve got a lot of thoughts spinning around in my head, I normally de-clutter in the form of journaling or meditation.

8. Dance/sing

This one I will use if I have a day off and have the time to leisurely get ready in the mornings. I put on a “feel good” playlist and dance and sing around my bedroom whilst I get ready. Guaranteed to be uplifting and give me positive vibes for the day.

9. Bake

I love making tasty treats, and now that I have a dishwasher it doesn’t cause me stress like it used to, so I like to use this one more often now! Not only do I get to eat my creations but it makes my house smell in.cred.ib.le!!

10. Book a massage/facial/hair appointment

This is another one which makes me feel like a new woman! I love being pampered, so if I have a bit more money to spare, you can bet your ass I’m going to treat myself!

11. Treat yourself to a new outfit/pair of shoes/handbag

As above!!

12. Journal/Blog

I’ve already mentioned this one briefly, but I often have to get my thoughts out, so journaling or blogging works for me in this way. A big session followed by a sleep always makes me feel much calmer the next day.

So there you have it – my top 12 self care ideas. I hope this helps some of you to realise that you are important, and it’s totally 100% acceptable and necessary to take care of yourself sometimes and gives you some cheap and cheerful ideas on how to do so.

Love Loz x

Autumn favourites

With Winter fast approaching, I thought I’d just do a quick post about some of the “things” I’ve been loving this season!

I’d like to start by saying that work and home life is going to be crazy busy over the next three weeks whilst I do my training and settle in, and with hubby away, so I am going to try my absolute best to keep up with my blog but forgive me if I fall off the radar a little.

I have had so much fun in the last 2 months just doing things that I love doing. It was definitely much needed and long overdue following the last 3 years of work, work and more work.



bed head(allbeauty.com)

The first product I’ve been loving this season is Bed Head Colour Goddess Shampoo & Conditioner. These hair products smell so good you could just eat them (however it is not recommended!). They are large bottles and last such a long time…even for someone like me who ALWAYS has to double shampoo and use loads of conditioner because my hair is so thick! I bought my first set from Amazon and together they cost me £18 with postage, but I have since discovered them in B&M for £6.99 each. Yaasss!!iconic3


The second product is the Makeup Revolution Redemption palette Iconic 3. These are such gorgeous colours, nude and fab for an everyday look. It is my go to palette at the moment I absolutely love it!




I am a major coffee person, and a Costa addict! My standard order has recently become the Soya latte with sugar free caramel syrup. I have started ordering soya milk in my coffees as I’m trying to cut down my dairy intake, and actually I find it so much more tasty. I am at the moment working my way through tasting all of the festive drinks and I plan to do a review once I have tried them all (luckily I have a Costa in the hospital I work in)

pumpkin pie(Pillsbury.com)

If you have not yet tried pumpkin pie, I strongly suggest you give it a whizz next year! I know that it is not readily available here in the UK like it is in countries such as the USA, but there are plenty of recipes available online if you fancy your hand at making it yourself – it’s actually not too difficult, and is totally worth it!!



Autumn is my favourite month to take walks in…the crunchy colourful leaves, bare trees, dewy grass, cold but not freezing, hats and scarves. And the anticipation of Winter being on its way…


Watching the Sun rise and the Moon disappear as I drive to work – it’s the most beautiful piece of nature that we are blessed with. Seeing this sight always makes me feel so grateful and positive about the day ahead.



Hot yoga & meditation have become a big part of my life. Hot yoga, for anyone who doesn’t know, is yoga in a room with steam heaters – like a sauna. Obviously this means you sweat a lot, but it also helps with the flexibility of your muscles. My classes are 90 minutes long, and WOW! I feel so calm after my classes and sleep loads better than normal. Meditation can feel very strange if you’ve never done it before. You can feel restless, fidgety, and like you just can’t switch off. This is completely normal, but it gets easier the more you do it. After I’ve meditated I am so much more productive, it teaches you to be mindful and present with yourself and this allows to zone in on the present moment rather than think about absolutely everything! If anybody wants to try meditation, there are lots of apps you can download to get you started. The one I use is “Headspace” and you can do a free 10 day trial with this of daily 3-4 minute meditations. I strongly recommend it for anybody who suffers with anxiety, panic attacks, depression etc.

So that’s it! That’s the things I’ve been loving this Autumn. If you liked this post, please leave me a comment to let me know. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a good Tuesday!

Love Loz x

Please note that I do not own the rights to the photos I have used within this post.


How to cope with Anxiety as a Healthcare professional

My anxiety was always a worry of mine when I decided to embark on my Midwifery journey (yes, I’m aware of the irony!). I genuinely worried that I wouldn’t be “allowed” on to the course, that I wouldn’t be deemed fit to practice because of it, but I was.

In this current day in age, it was inevitable that my anxiety was going to be something I faced at work – whether it be the pressure/stress that the NHS is facing as a whole, or an emergency situation within practice. It was going to happen.

Now, by some miracle, up to this point I have managed to contain the anxiety internally (for the most part) – I have received criticism from mentors because unfortunately I cannot control the external effects i.e. shaky hands, clumsiness, rising heart and breath rate, I’ve even at times experienced blurred vision when looking for an important piece of paperwork for the doctors. However, it is a bloody amazing achievement that I haven’t just crumbled into a mess on the floor or experienced extreme hyperventilation like I would normally in a panic attack.

I don’t know whether this is because up until now I have been able to hide behind student status and my student uniform, with an experienced Midwife by my side at all times, or if it’s because I know I have a responsibility to provide safe timely care to ensure the health of both mother and baby – just get them stable Lauren and then you can have your breakdown!! (Along with your long overdue wee and a cup of tea)

So here are my top tips for attempting to control anxiety as a healthcare professional (specifically in an emergency situation):

  1. As soon as I get to work, I’m analysing the board, getting familiar and mentally preparing myself for the situations that I could be faced with that day. And then once I have been allocated the patient/patients I am going to be caring for I start mentally making a plan of care. Finally, once I have taken over the care, I do all of my initial tasks, gather any important information I need, and then I document everything including my plan of care. It’s written down, in black ink, I can’t forget anything!
  2. Any time something happens which alters the plan of care, it is documented, and a new plan of care is written. Documentation is SO important in maternity because things can change so quickly and emergencies are time-critical of course.
  3. Like you are taught when you are learning to drive, you need to be aware of everything, all of your surroundings. So frequent reviews need to be made in order to stay in control of the situation.
  4. Having taken up yoga and meditation recently, the best way for me to try to control anxiety is doing my breathing. I take long, slow, deep breaths, and try to relax every muscle as I exhale. However, if things change very quickly then this step may be skipped altogether!
  5. The BIGGEST saving grace for me and my anxiety when an emergency situation arises is that, in Midwifery, there is always a support network! When that emergency bell goes off, the whole world and his wife will be in the room within 10-20 seconds (obviously I mean doctors and midwives – useful people!) Everyone knows their role in each emergency situation and they just fall right into place and get on with it!
  6. DEBRIEF – I have to talk it out! I discuss with senior colleagues what has happened and make sense of the situation. This helps me to understand and also allows me to gain any feedback. I have often been praised for “holding it together” and acting quickly, when actually inside I was falling apart! So it’s reassuring to know that my anxiety doesn’t come across to my colleagues or the women in my care. It also means I can go home confident in the decisions I made that day and not let the anxiety continue all through the night!

As a Midwife, the women in my care trust me to look after them and their babies, and to bring their babies into the world safely. And my colleagues trust me to deliver safe care as an autonomous practitioner. I intend to maintain that trust and it’s important to me to not let anxiety take my passion away from me.

Did you enjoy this post? Would you like to see more content about my job? Let me know in the comments.

Love Loz x