Costa Festive Drinks Review

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a hugeee coffee fanatic! More specifically I’m a “proper coffee” fanatic. Instant will take the edge off first thing in the morning but nothing beats a proper barista made coffee!!

So when the festive drinks were released at Costa I made it my mission for this year to be the first year I try them all before making a decision about which is my favourite.

This post is not sponsored by Costa Coffee, I just love their coffee!


Gingerbread Cream Latte

The traditional Christmas coffee flavour! This latte now comes as standard with whipped cream (unless you request without it of course), sprinkled with a speculoos crumb topping and not forgetting Charlie the mini gingerbread man. This coffee is gorgeous! The gingerbread flavour comes through nicely and for me just tastes like Christmas in a cup!!



Billionaire’s Latte/ Billionaire’s Hot Chocolate

The billionaire’s flavour is delicious, the syrup itself is quite a thick consistency so it’s well flavoured, however this also means you need to give it a good stir as otherwise it does just stick to the bottom of the cup.  The drinks are topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with crumbed shortbread, which is lovely if you catch it quickly enough, however if it melts then you end up with crumbed shortbread at the bottom of your drink. If you’re anything like me where your worst nightmare is biscuits breaking off in your cup of tea then you will not like it when you get to the bottom of your billionaire’s latte! You can also buy this in a Frostino, but it’s too cold for that!Costa_Black-Forest-drinks

Black Forest Hot Chocolate

Oosh! I cannot believe I had never tried this flavour before…it is A-MA-ZING! If you like black forest gateau then you will LOVE this drink!! It tastes like cake in a cup!! It is flavoured with a sweet cherry syrup (perfect ratio of hot chocolate to syrup) and topped with whipped cream, chocolate swirls and sweet cherry drizzle! You can buy this in a Frostino as well!

honeycomb-latte-1575Honeycomb Latte

I was unfortunately quite disappointed with this flavour. I could not taste the honeycomb at all. The drink is topped with whipped cream and chocolate covered honeycomb pieces (which were tasty!) . I am however, glad to say that this is the only flavour I was disappointed with!


Salted Caramel Cappuccino

I love a good cappuccino!! This flavour was so tasty, the flavour came through really nicely, but it also wasn’t too sweet! This drink is only topped with cappuccino chocolate, which is fine as I feel anything else would have compromised the actual coffee itself. Definitely liked this one, and it was nice to have a cappuccino on the festive menu for a change!!

vo94e3vviroopvmtduhhHot Spiced Apple Winter Warmer

I liked this drink way more than I thought I would!! It was so tasty! A hot apple drink spiced with a cinnamon stick! I bought a medium, but could have just done with a small size to be honest. It was tasty but a medium was a little too much.


Mint Hot Chocolate

This is a firm favourite hot chocolate flavour in general! The mint flavour came through really well but personally I would have preferred slightly more mint than chocolate. This is topped with whipped cream and minty candy pieces!

lindt-hot-chocolate-1200Lindt Hot Chocolate

I’ve not tried this one before as I completely resent paying a normal coffee price for a cortado sized hot chocolate, but I had mentally committed to this review so I made an exception! This one is not topped with anything, it was very tasty, very chocolatey, BUT I wouldn’t order it again! It didn’t taste specifically of Lindt chocolate, it was just a very chocolatey hot chocolate. And it only comes in the one tiny size!


Overall I am impressed with this year’s festive drinks menu! However, I do feel there is room for improvement in that their coffee flavours (apart from gingerbread) are quite similar – billionaire’s, salted caramel and honeycomb! My top favourite this year has to be the Black Forest Hot Chocolate – it’s unique to Costa, its super tasty and it’s festive!

Have you tried any of the festive drinks? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments…


Love Loz x


All photos have come from Costa Coffee website, I do not own any rights.

November plans

With November being my first full month of blogging, it felt wise to make a plan (forever pretending I’m wise! I’m not – see examples below) and in typical Lauren style, I could not have picked a worse month to try to get my blog off the ground. I’m an all-or-nothing kind of gal, a couple of examples include:

  • In sixth form, I switched colleges between AS level and A level, and in my new college they didn’t run one of my courses, so I decided to take a new A level but not wanting to stay at college for an extra year I decided I was going to study AS and A level of the course alongside each other (safe to say I hated that course and to this day I have not used a single element of it within my life).
  • I got engaged, planned my dream wedding and got married all within my final 2 years of studying/training full-time for my Midwifery degree. I also had a job alongside this where I worked anything from 12-60 hours a week – I somehow still managed to graduate with a 2:1.

The idea of now only having ONE job and ONE commitment really excited me! But could I deal with all that spare time? Hell no! It was inevitable that I was going to start a new project…so here I am (lucky you!)

Moving on to the point of this post….my November goals…


I’m going to work on building my follower community on Twitter, Instagram, and on my blog itself. I would like to reach 500 followers on Twitter, 200 followers on Instagram, and 30 followers on my blog!


I am going to aim to post at least once a week. I hope to post more than this, however, it’s going to be a rather busy month workwise so I’m just going to take this one day by day!


HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!! I am SO freakin’ excited! I love everything to do with Christmas, I get such a warm fuzzy feeling inside which builds as we get closer and closer to the big day. It’s going to be such an anti-climax for me this year as I am working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (Boooo!) but I am not letting that kill my buzz. Being the Christmas elf that I am, naturally I got super excited when I heard about this Christmas themed blogging craze. So I am going to be spending this month planning my “Blogmas” posts, and try to be organised (pfft!)


I recently qualified as a Midwife, and on Monday I am starting my first job – at a whole different trust to where I’ve spent the past 3 years training! I am super anxious but excited as well. Having had the last 6 weeks off, I am starting to go stir crazy at home and am now itching to get back to work, but that’s 6 weeks I’ve had off from the long hours, night shifts, commuting, emergency drills, documentation….it’s the longest amount of time I’ve had off in the 3 years and at this point I feel as though I’ve forgotten everything (I haven’t! Don’t worry). So this month I’m hoping to settle in to my new team, my new role, and survive the intense induction/orientation period, and my first night shifts in 6 weeks…


I have spent the last 48 hours addicted to Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin’…reading blogs and blog posts of more experienced bloggers. I have followed some of my favourites and subscribed to some mailing lists. I’m looking to continue expanding my “reading list”, so I aim to subscribe to another 10 blogs this month. If you would like me to subscribe to your blog, please leave a link in the comments and I will check it out!


I’m hoping that posting my goals will keep me accountable to achieving them. If any more experienced bloggers have any feedback or suggestions for me based on my posts so far, please feel free to comment below or contact me via social media or my E-Mail.

Love Loz x